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Volcano Vista Football Player

October 23, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, an unnamed football player for the Volcano Vista High School Hawks in Albuquerque was seriously injured during a football game.  At the game itself, there was grave concern whether or not he would recover.  Miraculously, he was released this week from the hospital and is recovering at home.  We must remember that life and health is truly a gift from God.  I applaud the amazing courage of this student-athlete for the quick, positive strides in his recovery process.  I have been very impressed with the amount of spirit and support I have seen from the student body, coaches, parents, and administration from Volcano Vista.  And to think that this high school was just opened and is not fully developed, it makes one wonder if this will not be the predominate program in the years to come!


Top 10 Albums

October 10, 2008

Two weeks ago, one of the nations largest search engines sponsored a spot that included the “TOP 10 ALL TIME ALBUMS YOU DO NOT WANT TO DIE WITHOUT HEARING.”   As I followed that thought process, it became apparent to me…that I had not listened to at least half of these albums.  As a high school product of the late 70’s-early 80’s and a college student in the mid-80’s, I was more familiar with music from that specific era. Because of my embarrassingly narrow scope of music, I have made a commitment to purchase one a month and familiarize myself with each project.  (Although I think I will renege on that commitment because a couple of the artists promote things I will not support with my money)  Do you think these are the Top 10 albums of all time?

The Beatles “White Album”        Public Enemy “It Takes a Nation”
Prince “Purple Rain                Madonna “True Blue”
Bob Dylan “Hwy 61 Revisited”    Michael Jackson “Thriller”
The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”         U2 “The Joshua Tree”
Billy Joel “The Stranger”             Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon

If we were to put together a TOP 10 CHRISTIAN ALBUMS OF ALL TIME, what would be there?