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Simple is Better!

November 24, 2008

Every Wednesday night, below my second story church office window, our grass courtyard hosts an interesting phenomenon.  A dozen or so of our older children and youth play a game of football before Wednesday evening church activities commence.  There are no uniforms, scoreboards, officials, goalposts, fans, field markingsor any of the modern immenities of the national pastime.  It is really so simple.  Just space, willing participants, and an old football that is under inflated most of the time.  So much can be learned from that weekly game as I observe and listen to the cheers and yells of the contest.  Here are just a few observations from a second story “press box” view:

  • Boys and girls are welcome in the game. 
  • Disputes over catches or non-catches need no instant replay just integrity and cooperative participants on both teams. 
  • There never seems to be much emphasis on the final score just the fun of the contest itself. 
  • Those passing by are always invited to play. 
  • The “older” and “bigger” look out for the “younger” and “smaller.” 
  • The ball is thrown to all the participants to keep everyone involved in the contest.
  • Disputes are almost nonexistent. No time is wasted so more plays can be made before church!  
  • If someone gets banged around a little, everyone on both teams go over to check on their welfare.

I wonder at times if these simple rules and philosophies are what keep the game going week after week.  Are there lessons to learn from these simple games?