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Get Smart Blog 9

April 29, 2009

Get Smart Blog 9

Thursday, April 30 for Proverbs 9


Back to School….Again!

We have come now to the place where wisdom has opened school.  The young man is matriculated into the school of wisdom, and we are thankful for that.  Everything is prepared, and we are able to look into this school.  The school bell is about to ring.


The College of Wisdom (9:1-5)

Internship of Interpersonal Relationships (9:6-12)

The School of the Foolish Woman (9:13-18)


Do you remember those early days of school?  Big Chief Indian Tablets, sitting in alphabetical order, and recess.  Oh yes, recess.  Choosing up teams, using up all the play time trying to get organized and hating to hear the sound of the bell to return to class.  School lunches and the packed lunch in the lunch box, school buses, field trips, and lining up on the wall.


Learning and acquiring wisdom is a process.  Here is your thought for the day….Let me know what you think about it!


“To educate a man in mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”

                                                                             Theodore Roosevelt


Get Smart!


Pastor Michael Cook


Get Smart Blog 8

April 28, 2009

Get Smart Blog 8

Wednesday, April 29 for Wednesday


Special Note:  Thank you for reading Proverbs with our church family.  Your comments are amazing.  I look forward to what lies ahead for us as we seek truth from the Word together.


It is Right in Front of Your Face:

There is a little “private joke” in our house.  Well, it used to be private; now the whole world will know.  Becky and I often get in a little hurry when we are trying to get out of the house and get to a particular location or destination on time.  “On time” often eludes us.  In the midst of this hustle and bustle, car keys, sun glasses, purses, Bibles, and other objects that are needed seem to disappear in our house.  And in moments they seem to be located again in the most obvious of places…right in front of our face.  How did we miss it?    


Chapter 8 has two great bookends to lift our spirits and give hope for obtaining wisdom.  First, in verses 1-3 we are informed that wisdom is there crying out.  It is not something that is obscure, evasive, and fleeing from our presence!  Wisdom calls out (1), raises her voice (1), is placed in our path (2), is lifted up high for all to see (2), placed in obvious places (3), and cries out to us (3).  Wow, God really wants us to GET SMART!


The closing bookend in verse 35 says, “For whoever finds me (wisdom) finds life, and receives favor from the Lord!”


Some things are just right there….in front of our faces.  Don’t miss it!


Get Smart!


Pastor Michael Cook


Get Smart Blog 7

April 28, 2009

10 Ways To Know If You Are About to Be Seduced….

10     You are hanging around the WRONG PLACES (vs.8)
“Just being near is too close…”

9       You are going in the WRONG DIRECTION (vs.8)
Move toward the positive and away from the trap

8    You find yourself in the WRONG ENVIRONMENT (vs. 9)
Sneaking and Prowling around in the night

7       You are looking AT/FOR the WRONG THING (vs. 10)
Sin so often penetrates through the eye…HUGE Trap

6       You Are Being Driven By the “SIN SHUFFLE” (vs. 11)
Can the sin be concealed and lost in all the activity?

5     You opened the door and now you are the PURSUED (vs. 15)
You ask for it…now the seductress is going to make sure you get the entire load

4     You Are OBSESSED with the “Trap” (vs. 16, 17)
The smell, the environment, the entire “spell” has been cast

3    You never see the REAL COST (vs. 26)
All of a sudden the progressive trap has blinded you to the real cost

2      You are out and about making LIE’S and EXCUSES (vs. 20)
Schedules are interrupted and the lies begin!

1      Your “Esteem” is OVER INFLATED (vs. 21)
We love to hear our own praises!  We would do almost anything to bolster our image.

By the way, I need your help to ask your local Cracker Barrel Restaurant to BRING BACK THEIR BAKED APPLE DUMPLIN’!


Pastor Michael Cook



Get Smart Blog 6

April 26, 2009

Get Smart Blog 6

Monday, April 27, 2009 for Proverbs 6


On April 7, 2009, a District Court Judge in Austin Texas- Charlie Baird- issued an opinion formally exonerating Timothy Cole of rape.  What’s historic is that Cole died in prison; as far as I know, no one has ever been exonerated after his death.  Cole and his family spent the final few years of his life attempting to bring the truth into focus.  The truth is often skewed with opinion and flawed systems.  To say that the truth is important is an understatement.  It can and has meant the difference between life and death.


Solomon, in the midst of a broad spectrum of different topics, has an real anchor in verses 16-19 when he says with no hesitancy…here are six things the Lord hates!  Everyone of should understand that God does not rank or classify sin.  Sin is sin.  God despises all sin.  The list is powerful but the verse that struck me is located in verse 17 “a lying tongue.” 

The Psalmist (probably David) said, “I said in my haste, all men are liars.” (Psalms 116:11)  Dr. W.I. Carroll is quoted as saying, “David said in his haste that all men are liars.  I have had a long time to think it over, and I still agree with David.”


God is the God of truth.  “Into thine hand I commit my spirit; thou hast redeemed me, O Lord God of truth.” (Psalm 31:5)  How wonderful!  How amazing!  How reassuring!  How different from the lying tongue.




Pastor Michael Cook






Get Smart Blog 5

April 23, 2009

Get Smart Blog 5


Friday, April 24 for Proverbs 5


I just finished listening to the “newest” of developments in the seemingly never ending saga of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.  I have been amazed at the progressive steps of his fall.  Just to make this clear for the entire world to hear, “I am not saying he is guilty of any wrong-doing apart from what he might be convicted of in a court of law!”  I am saying that all the classic steps to a fall were there.  Although he was part of the world of political power and prowess, the steps reared their ugly head.  Getting to the point where you think you are untouchable and can never get caught at wrong-doing, placing yourself in any area of potential compromise, and coming to the point when you will not listen to those around you are just a few of the common signs.  I wonder if, away from the outer shell of publicity, the former Governor might now take a different path.


Solomon lays it on the line in Chapter 5.  Although the pitfall of adultery is the central theme, can we not expand the principles to a broader spectrum?  Death…leading straight to the grave (5); at the end of your life you are spent, you groan (11), and you loose control (22).  Is it really worth it?  Each person must answer this for themselves.  Take heed lest we fall; pride comes before a fall.


Get Smart!


Pastor Michael Cook 


Get Smart Blog 4

April 23, 2009

Get Smart Blog 4


Thursday, April 23 for Proverbs 4


Wow, I have heard some amazing “pep talks” in my time.  Some of the great speakers and motivators were Knute Rockne, football coach for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Franklin D. Roosevelt, as the 32 President, and Pastor- Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King.  All were great communicators and really superb in motivating those around them.


Dude, this is amazing!  This ranks as one of the greatest “pep talks” of encouragement of all time.  This truly has substance!  Solomon begins by stating the case for wisdom as the pinnacle of life.  He states it is SUPREME! (7)  But he does not stop there.  He continues by giving the reader careful steps for how to get there.  Hold on to instruction (13), pay attention, listen closely (20), guard your heart (23), let your eyes look straight ahead (25), and make level paths of your feet (26), just to mention a few.


Incredible words from the wisest.  I hope you have/had a great day.  I am pumped about our pilgrimage through Proverbs.  Let me hear from you. If you needed encouragement today….read Chapter 4 and YOU GOT IT!


Get Smart!


Pastor Michael Cook


Get Smart Blog 3

April 21, 2009

Get Smart Blog 3

Wednesday, April 22 for Proverbs 3


What Is In It For Me?

Solomon records a multitude of benefits from obtaining and demonstrating wisdom in Chapters 2 and 3 of Proverbs.  How many times have you heard someone ask, “What is in it for me?”  It is not an uncommon question but more often an incredibly common thought.  Maybe we have all thought it at one time or another.


As you read and reflect on what you examine in Chapter 3, count up the many benefits in gaining wisdom.  Prolong Life (1), Prosperity (2), Straight Paths (6), Health (8), and Safety (23) are just a few that are mentioned in this chapter.  Respond to my blog and tell me of others you found in Chapter 3.  One would think serving Christ is reward enough…yet some still need more encouragement and affirmation to motivate them in Kingdom service.  If you listen to Solomon, there will be rewards abundant and overflowing for you when wisdom can be obtained.


Get Smart!


Pastor Michael Cook