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It Is Care That Counts……

July 9, 2009

It Is Care That Counts…..


I, like so many of you, watched several different telecasts of Pop Icon Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service this past Tuesday at the Staples Center.  Wow, the list of the famous, the well known, the Who’s Who was staggering.  The faces of the participants were some of the most famous in the world.  The speakers were eloquent, well-stated and moving.  There has been so much written and stated concerning Jackson’s death that I do not know that I could add anything to the over-abundance of coverage.  Yet through it all, one simple moment stood out above all others.


In the end of the memorial, Paris, Michael’s daughter, spoke.  In just 18 seconds and less than 40 words, Paris described the most important thing she could hold on to in that “my world is upside down” moment.  


Probably in the minority, I really feel that in the end, it is how we treat people that will really be remembered.  Think about it — the Doctor you trusted for years…you remember few if any of the prescriptions or shots he/she gave you but you will remember their conversations and personal care.  Can you remember a single message your Pastor preached from three years ago?  But you will remember his call, card, or kind word.  No doubt, Paris Jackson was provided amazing “things” in her short life time.  But in the end, at the apex of the memorial service, what was in the depths of her heart spilled out.  The thing that mattered, counted, stood alone…..surfaced.  How she was treated, loved, and cared for was the primary thing she remembered.


In the end….how we treat people will be what stands.


Pastor Michael Cook


Purple Polo?

July 1, 2009

Purple Polo……


Several months ago we purchased a new puppy for our daughter, a junior at Texas Tech University.  For the past year she had wanted a small dog and we finally (against our better judgment) purchased a Maltese for her companionship.  We made sure it would be a small dog, no more than 4-5 pounds fully grown, and that it had all the right “credentials.”  So several months ago, following more than a few weeks of our best house breaking procedures, “Polo” was ready for the — transfer — to Lubbock.  He had no idea what his future held….constant undergrads, late nights, and continual activity….oh college life.  We had his hair clipped and groomed, all shots updated, a full sack of food, a kennel — he looked great.  Several more months have gone by….and our daughter returned home this past week for a quick break between summer semesters.  My wife and I were excited to see our daughter and Polo return.  The door opened, Polo ran into our home…..Purple!  You heard me right…..Purple!  He left a beautiful, Snow White Maltese, only to return months later Purple and White.  Seems there was some “hair dying and coloring” going on one night and ol’ Polo inched too close and got his hair colored as well…..Purple Polo.


My wife and I were in shock.  Something was wrong with this picture.  I can not help but think every time I look at Polo, “Wow, this is not the right picture for that animal.  He was created to be so much more.”


I know a lot of “purple” churches.  Do you?  They were intended to be so much more.  They had such great potential. They were groomed just right, planted in the best places, only to see themselves become something that just did not turn out right.  Sometimes unfortunate circumstances “color” their promise.  At other times they seem to be more permanently scarred.  We are to protect the church, play a role in nurturing it, supporting it, loving it, and making sure it stays true to its true colors.  Acts 20:28 says, “Be shepherds of the church of God which he bought with his own blood.”


Eventually, our hope on all fronts is that true colors will shine through.  For Polo, the brilliant white coat will return.  What about the church?


Pastor Michael Cook