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One of the Best…..

October 12, 2009

One of the Best…


There are rare moments in life you must stop and say “WOW!”  We could call them WOW MOMENTS.  Extraordinary moments.  For me, a few weeks ago, passing under the Golden Gate Bridge was one of those times.  When I first saw my wife, Becky, coming up the isle at our wedding….WOW!  When Amber (our daughter) was born.  I mean the first time I held her….amazing.  Along with these WOW MOMENTS that usually do not last long, there are those times in life you say “What a Ride!”  They represent times when God sends, does, and orchestrates in your life circumstances that you are overwhelming.


Our Worship Pastor has caused me to experience an astonishing stretch of ministry.  Every week our fellowship stands in amazement not just at his phenomenal God-given musical ability…but his HEART.  Man he has an incredible heart.  We witness him in pressure situations, the behind the scenes “junk” that must be overcome on a week to week basis.  Time and time again, he overcomes with dignity, class, and a God-honoring manner.  We have the chance to view his optimism, his over-coming spirit, and his support of fellow associates and that spirit encourages everyone!  His ability to lead such an incredible worship team has brought to our ministry great joy and many blessings into our lives.  I thank God for “One of the Best!”  Time after time throughout the years that God gives us, we often skip over and even miss those “What a Ride” segments.  Not this time.  I am thankful everyday, every week, every moment for Jason.


What about you?  Are you experiencing any “What a Ride” segments in your life?  What are they?  I would love to experience them with you!


Pastor Michael Cook