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Community of Change

November 12, 2009

The events of the last few months have revealed the limited ability of the governments to solve the problems of this world!  Because the world’s dominant problem has always been sin, the world can not be fixed with legislation, education, or economic relief.  Only our Savior, can transform the heart and redeem the soul.    

If we want to see God transform the people in our community and world, we must look with eyes of compassion.  We do not need an expansive theological education to care about someone.  Predetermined prejudices cannot stop us from reaching out to someone in need, because God gave His grace to us when we needed it most but deserved to the least.  It will cost us something to help, but God will provide.      

The world is racing towards the end.  It seems that nearly everyday new events shape the world into the biblical picture of the last days.  The economic crisis is reforming the political scene in Europe, and a nearly nuclear Iran is forming prophetic ties with Russia.  Some may look at these events with fear, but I am excited to live close to Christ’s return.  Now more than ever we should be motivated to share the Gospel while we still have the opportunity.