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What If….

February 8, 2010

What If’s… for Mom’s and Dad’s



Week 6 Responses



We examined the impact of relationships (friends, enemies and the fools we encounter) in our message yesterday.  Solomon had an enormous storehouse of information to share when it comes to the power of relationships.  Much of what determines our success can be linked back to those we “choose” to position in a place of influence in our lives.  Our children need to be taught the biblical standard for recognizing a “true” friend and the characteristics of a fool.  They also need to handle their enemies and nay-sayers with compassion and forgiveness.


  • How are you teaching your child to make wise decisions when it comes to their relationships?


  • Parents and Grandparents spend a huge amount time teaching their children and grandchildren to be safe and protected from strangers, yet should we spend quality time teaching them characteristics to look for in those they call friends?


What are your thoughts?



Be Wise!