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Eternal Stones….The Moments

October 20, 2011

There are always events that stand apart in our hearts and minds.  These are defining moments that shape our thinking and mold our experiences.  They stand out like bright beacons on a stormy sea.  A person can not escape the memory nor does time deaden the clarity of the actual event.  These moments drastically differ from one individual to another depending on factors such as age and experiences.  Most of us would probably raise an eyebrow at how many of these moments actually remain with us.


Some moments we carry throughout life, taking them with us wherever we go.  Combat veterans often bear the scars and reminders of conflict.  The events of 9/11 touched us all.  We have already fought two wars connected with this event.  Our lives at airports, stadiums and large gatherings have been altered forever. 


Moments in our lives when we help others may be our greatest life-changing moments.  Often when events happen, there are results and the moments disappear.  However, when we give into the lives of others, the moment continues, often into eternity.  When our death moment calls all that we have spent is gone forever. All that we have saved will be left for someone else to spend.  Yet all we have given away is ours forever.     


One act

can make all the difference.


Like ripples in a pond-

kindness spreads outward,

reaching and touching others

and can change a life forever.


Make every moment count!