Breathe…Bring an Element of This Week’s Lesson into Everyday Life

January 26, 2013

Today’s Reading | Proverbs 19:17; 14:21, 31 | Do It All for God’s Glory 

It was the Father’s good pleasure to fashion us in the image of Christ to advance his cause on this earth. God designed us to do good works. (Ephesians 2:10) Our great calling is to engage in works that promote the love of God among our neighbors.

However, the goal is not the good work itself. Nor is it the feelings we have when we do something good. The temptation is to do good works because it makes us feel good, but that makes our good works more about serving ourselves than serving our neighbor. Plus, serving others doesn’t always feel good. There is only one motivator when we engage in good works: to give God glory. 

Today read the above passages and choose some way to act in compassionate ways toward someone in need.  Fight the temptation to seek praise or to focus on how you feel. Do it to simply give God glory through your actions.


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