Relate…Involve Others by Acting on What You Are Learning

January 27, 2013

Today’s Reading | Genesis 24:66-67 | Love Takes Action

Love is a beautiful thing. We know how the script goes: tall, dark, handsome man professes his love for a beautiful woman who, after some resistance, shares her love with him as well. They marry and live happily ever after, all of this with little emphasis on their wedding vows. In fact, most movies don’t even include them. In Hollywood’s script, emotions come first, actions flow from them, and they last forever.

Unfortunately, almost no one experiences love exactly this way. Couples strive to reproduce their own version of the script and at times it can be a lot of fun. The feeling of love seldom lasts forever; yet it often becomes the primary measure of a good marriage.

That’s when we become disappointed and are confronted with the reality that real love goes deeper than feelings. What do you do when marriage leaves you disappointed? Consider Isaac. His marriage was arranged but he chose to love Rebekah. In the biblical script, emotions come and go. So we allow actions to inspire emotion.

Arranged marriages aren’t ideal, but this story reminds us that our lives seldom fit into Hollywood’s script. We often walk through disappointment and are called to be faithful anyway.

This week watch the movie (or read the book) The Vow, an inspiring true story of one couple’s relentless dedication. Consider how God is calling you to love your spouse (or others) despite how may you feel.


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