Deliberate…Engage Your Mind by Connecting with Scripture

February 5, 2013

Today’s Reading  Psalm 90  Audience of One

“…with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord…working for the Lord, not for human masters… It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” Colossians 3:22-24

We are not just working for our employers (or even for ourselves). We are working for the God who created us with a purpose and called us to make His world better. That’s why we run into trouble when we focus most on what others think (i.e. when we work hard because our boss or potential clients are watching but get sloppy when no one is looking). Here’s the issue: Who you are in public is largely a façade.  Who you are in private, as you stand before God, is the real you.

The purpose of your life is not to please your boss but to please the Lord. He is the audience that matters most. We want Him to look at our work and be pleased with our efforts. Today find 15-20 minutes to get alone with God and meditate on Psalm 90. This psalm is a heartfelt prayer that calls out to God with humility, raw honesty, and trust. Underline the parts that resonate with you most. Use this time to confess where you have fallen short and ask for strength to serve God well. End your time by praying verse 17, asking for God’s blessing on your work.



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